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Siddh Baba Ka Mandir

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir is another place of attraction in Chail that has made its mark due to its historical importance. Siddh Baba Ka Mandir was built in 1891 by Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh at the place where he was building his Palace previously.

According to the story believed to be true from the residents from Shimla, the Maharaja of Patiala selected the place to build his palace earlier as his Summer Capital and the construction for the same got started with full swing. But later Maharaja stopped the construction of Palace, when Siddh Baba appeared in his dream and told him about the importance of that place and asked him not to use the place for personal purpose or any residing purpose, and after which Maharaja ordered to construct the temple of this holy person 'Siddh Baba'.

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir is a place of holy soul. Every tourist visits this temple to bow down their head to seek the blessings of Siddh Baba.

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir symbolizes the importance of religion and care that Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had, who made his act immortal in the history of Chail, Himachal Pradesh.

Visit Siddh Baba Ka Mandir whenever you will get a time to visit Chail to seek his blessings.

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir